Tuesday, May 16, 2017

V is for Victory -Leadership of Geese

From experience, leadership is knowing when to lead and when to be a follower.  If a leader is always in front, they will burn out.  When leaders are always in front, others are less inclined to grow because they are always depending on the leader to make the decisions--it only builds dependency on the leader. Leaders are always looking for opportunities to develop other leaders and empowering others to step up to lead.  A healthy balance of knowing when to lead and when to follow is always necessary especially if the intention is to journey together for the long haul.  When leaders are following, they don't disappear but are cheering others along, supporting the team, and serving them along the way. Importantly, willing to take the blame even when others fail and to work together to make things right when things do go sideways.

This is best​ illustrated by geese flying in a V formation going south every winter.  I love watching them every winter--hundreds of them--take off and begin their long journey.  The leader leads in front, taking the brunt of the wind for a while.  The rest of the flock draft behind the leader.  When the leader becomes tired, another steps up almost without hesitation and goes to the front.  As they fly, they call out to one a other as if to cheer each other on and to let the current leader know they are ready to step up to take on the challenge.  They're always ready to support each other. They need each other.

It's okay to take a break and let someone else lead for a while.  Be a cheer-leader! It takes genuine humility in order to be a follower. We're in it together for the long journey. When we do so, we are also putting our trust in God-God is sovereign and works even when we're not.  It demonstrates that we also trust those whom we work with.   And when Spring comes, we do it all over again. 

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