Friday, May 5, 2017

Building up People to Build for the Kingdom

If you’ve had conversations with me, you probably will get a sense that I’m passionate about integrating our faith with our work.  I believe that God has created us to steward creation well, and to thrive in the areas of business, arts, education, music, and so forth-wherever God calls you to be for building God’s Kingdom and to bring glory to Him.

In business, it’s important to do your market research and to spend the time to develop an effective marketing campaign to promote your product; It’s also important that you also believe in the product(s) that you are selling.  And while companies spend thousands of dollars (and even millions) on marketing, resources are not spent on investing on their employees.   This is not only about skills development.  It’s about building trust and truly believing in your employees and caring about their success as employees-to thrive in what they do and to thrive as holistic persons (spiritual, physical, and mental wellness). When you equip and empower your employees, and to love them and believe in them, your customers and their family and friends will notice.  

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